My latest crazy idea

So often crazy ideas seem to come about as a result of excessive alcohol consumption. You’re down the pub with your mates, you’ve had too much falling down water and then you hit upon a cunning plan, a great idea, that flash of inspiration. But the next day when you wake up hungover you’ve either forgotten your brilliant idea or in the cold light of day it seems a bit daft.

In my case it was the complete reverse because my crazy idea came about because for the first time in a long time I was stone cold sober. Back in 2012 my love affair with alcohol came to an end. One of the many positive results of this was that I had this urge both to get fit and to do something ‘big’ although I wasn’t quite sure what the ‘big’ thing would be.

Lady Luck came to the rescue in the shape of my daughter who had signed up to run the Chichester half marathon. We agreed to run it together.

The Chichester Half Marathon 2013

It would motivate me to get running on a regular basis but to give me more incentive we decided to tray to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society as it’s this bugger of a disease that killed my dad back in 2003 at the age of just 66. And let me tell you it was crap. Anyway, the run was a hoot and now I found myself wanting to do something else, something ever bigger.

So my shiny brand spanking new crazy idea is another fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Society, but this time a walk. But not any old walk but specifically a walk from my house to my Dads’ grave. Seems simple enough you think. Well, it would be but the grave is in Lancaster in Lancashire and my house is in northern France. I don’t know exactly how far but it’s something like 400 miles or what I’d describe as ‘a very long way’.

The walk will take place this June 2015 and these semi-incoherent ramblings will follow my progress through planning the walk until the day the walk is complete.


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