The rule of 5Ps

In the military I’ve heard they have this rule which says that Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. So yesterday I tried to do some PP to avoid PP in June. Yes folks, I put my best foot forward and went for a walk.
For a few days I’ve been staying with my friends Janet and George. They are very relaxed people and didn’t seem to mind that I sat in front of their lovely woodburner and drank probably the equivalent of a 100 quids worth of tea. Anyway, it was time to leave for pastures new and thankfully the weather was good. No snow flurries or howling gale like the previous day. So I packed up my rucksack and off I went. My destination was chez Nick & Corinne, some 17 miles away. So it was a test run to see what it was like walking close to 20 miles. And it went fine. Tiring of course but it was a bit up hill and down dale and my rucksack was heavier than it will be for my walk in June. So I think my target of 20 miles a day is definitely doable. I’m just hoping that the walk itself doesn’t coincide with one of those ‘wettest June since records began’.


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