The cold wet Mackerel of reality

Recently the film ‘Still Alice’ has been getting a lot of publicity in the media. Starring Julianne Moore it’s the story of a woman dealing with early onset dementia – the first major film to do this I think. I’ve yet to see the film but I hope it isn’t one of those typical Disney-esque films where despite trials and tribulations everyone gets round the metaphorical campfire to sing Kumbaya at the end. You know, the woman gets her man, the hero saves the world at the last minute – that kind of film. The problem when it comes to dementia and Alzheimer’s is that there is no Disney style happy ending – just a dismal degeneration. The best we can hope for is that the poor sod dies of natural causes before they go completely gaga.
The problem I think is that we’ve been conditioned to believe in the cult of eternal progress. We’ll be better off, healthier, better educated etc etc than our parents – onwards and upwards for ever and ever. It’s almost like a religion – the whole ‘together we’ll beat x (cancer, dementia, insert your disease of choice here) if we try hard enough’. But just because we have beaten a lot of diseases it doesn’t mean that we will find the answers to everything and perhaps Alzheimer’s will turn out this way. When the cult of progress is smacked in the face by the cold wet Mackerel of reality. I certainly don’t have the answers. Maybe we will find a cure, maybe we won’t. But even if we fail to find a cure I’m pretty sure that there’s an awful lot we can do to make things better for those who do suffer. That’s my hope and that’s why I’m doing the walk.
Many thanks to those who have already made a donation on my JustGiving page ( and a special thanks to a lady who gave £66 (a pound for every year of my dads’ life) – I was very touched. Whatever the size of the donation (and I’m unemployed so I know how tight money is) I’m very grateful. And your very kind comments help to keep me motivated and reassure me that this walk isn’t such a daft idea.


3 thoughts on “The cold wet Mackerel of reality

  1. jenspen1961

    The walk is a great idea 🙂 In just another two weeks (I promised myself I would complete the first 6 weeks program first to test myself) I will be able to let the news out to my family and friends about my upcoming walk/s. So excited 🙂



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