“Being famous is wicked. But it’s better to be normal.” – Rupert Grint (yes, that actor from all those bloody Harry Potter films)

Yes daaaahhhlinks, I’m going to be famous and I don’t care what old Rupert may think. Famous darlinks, famous. So, you ask, am I going to do a television reality show with all the other third rate celebs? No is the answer – quite frankly I’d rather swallow a bucket of somebody else’s vomit than do that. And I’m not going to release a hit single either since I can’t sing or play an instrument. And yes, I know that never stopped Mrs Beckham’s musical ‘career’ but it’s not my cup of tea daaahhlinks.

No, I am going to be a star of the screen. Let me explain. My very good mate Roland has willingly volunteered (been press-ganged) to help me do a promotional video for my charity walk. Roland is a top bloke and a very very nice man who shoots educational videos for a living (www.educatefilms.com). So this very morning we’ve been slaving away over a hot video camera to shoot the film and record the audio. Thanks also to Mrs Roland who did the voice-over.

So now Roland will go away and weave his creative magic and create what I hope will be a short film that I can put here, there and everywhere in the hope of creating more publicity, and donations for The Alzheimer’s Society. Perhaps it’ll go ‘viral’ that like weird Korean gangham style blokes video?

So watch this space and remember, in decades to come you will all be able to tell people, ’yes I was reading his blog before he became famous’.


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