Day 1

Phew, that was a hard day. Good, but hard. Normally I expect to walk 20 miles a day but at the last minute I was offered a bed for the night with Maya and Nico via the Couchsurfing system. They live on the way to Calais but it’s more like 24 miles and it’s up hill and down dale. But the weather was good – cloudy, sunny and windy but not cold and more importantly no rain. My little leggies are tired as are my feet but no sprains and no blisters. And isn’t it amazing how fantastic a hot shower can feel?
I didn’t meet many people on the way today apart from two cyclists and they were Brits! – doing a fundraising cycle ride from London to Paris. What an amazing coincidence.
Tomorrow should be easy peasy as I only have twelve miles to walk to Calais and it’s all flat. So far so good.


3 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. Jenny Martin

    Keep going as the swimming teachers exhort their pupils.


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