Day 6

Last night I did a extra long day and slept the night at Scadbury nature reserve – which was fine apart from having to pee 3 times during the night. And a further time to put on extra clothes. But the room rates were good!


Thankfully I was it eaten by wolves in the night or woken up by the rozzers.
Today was an easy walk in beautiful sunshine to next to City airport. I was picked up by Tony – he and Joe and Arran (4) are letting me stay tonight. Tony understands what walkers need so I’ve had lashings of tea, beans on toast and a bath. And my clothes have been washed (good idea).


Blister is not as painful as it looks and the gaffa tape has protected it well. Phew. So today has ben very good and the emotional impact of realising that I’ve walked from my house to London is mega. Tomorrow I have 2-3 hour walk to stay with Andy – an old schoolfriend who I haven’t seen for 33 years!!
I’m feeling positive. Perhaps I’m getting my walkers mojo!


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