Day 9

Today has been pretty easy. I think it was because I’d had a lovelý rest with Andy but also because the weather has been beautiful. Not only that but walking through central London meant that there were lots of things to see. Hyde Park was packed with a gazillion people and once I got onto the towpath of the Grand Union canal at Paddington it was like a walk in the park. My route planning was a bit amiss as I walked probably 25 miles today but the little leggies held up fine. Tonight I’m staying as a couchsurfing guest of Puaul near Hayes – an outdoorsy kinda guy like me an as PG Wodehouse would have said, ‘a good egg’.
Feeling strong, feeling good.


And where did this narrowboat at Paddington come from? – Lancaster of all places!!


One thought on “Day 9

  1. adrian

    Hi mark, glad you had an easy day on the guc through London,hope the rest of your walk goes as well and make Lancaster without any probs, nice to have met you on the canal, all the best, Adrian and gary(100km charity walkers)



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