Day 10

Today I had a delighful walkalong the main road into Uxbridge (that was irony folks) and then pike up the towpath to Berkhamstead. A long walk but again, lovely weather. But there was that curious incident of the dog on the towpath – I was walking along listening to The Boomtown Rats (yep, I know how to get down with ‘the kids’) when I heard this shouty voice. I turned round to see two long haired retrievery type dogs running towards me and they had malicious intent. I froze and one of the dogs tried to take a lump out of my manly muscly thigh. I don’t know whether the dog stopped thanks to the shouty owner but I wasn’t injured. She apologised profusely and departed. It was only once I was alone that I realised how close to disaster I came – one dog bite and it could have been the end of this walk. But it was OK.
So tonight I’m staying with Joyce who is my mums oldest friend. Washed and fed I expect to be nicely rested for tomorow’s walk to Milton Keynes. I wonder if I’ll fall in the canal?


One thought on “Day 10

  1. Anonymous

    Don’t fall in any canals: you might catch Weil’s disease. Not nice. I think Joyce has bought a copy of Why Didn’t They Listen? Say thanks from me if so. Jenny



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