So who am I?

Hi, I’m Mark, the handsome good looking one on the left. That guy on the right is my dad. I’m 51 so in theory old enough to know better – but I still keep coming up with crazy ideas. I’m doing this walk to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society because this awful disease killed my dad at the age of just 66. And that’s not fair.

So I want to do something that might make a difference. Not just raise money but perhaps give people the opportunity to talk about this problem because it seems likely, as the population ages, that it will affect more and more families.


2 thoughts on “So who am I?

  1. Sally and Robert

    It made my day to meet you today at Hatton Locks cafe. My mum had dementia and died only on Monday. It was great meeting you. We hope you find the perfect pair of new trainers tomorrow. Best wishes for the rest of your journey. I went to Lancaster uni, so Lancaster has a special meaning to us. I have posted on Facebook about your walk. We were impressed with your tan, by the way. : )



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